Standard & Customisable Checklists

Vehicle checklist App comes with 5 standard checklists per vehicle or customise your own.

Fuel checklist

Record all fuel transactions live, geotagged, date & time stamped with copy of receipt.

Multiple languages available

Checklists can be populated in any language including bilingual options to avoid misinterpretation of the content.

Tyre checklist
(Optional extra)

Record tread depths and tyre issues regularly to manage tread wear and tyre condition - Receive notifications when minimum tread depth occurs to manage tyre replacement.

Daily checklist

For the driver to complete - ultimate responsibility.

Weekly/Monthly checklist

Can be used by a driver or by supervisor/management as oversight - ensure what's being reported is a true reflection of vehicle/asset.

Accident information checklist

To assist in the event of an accident involving another vehicle - ensures the driver gets as much information as possible on the scene - speeds up insurance claims.

Incident checklist

Report any incident where the vehicle or third party property is damaged.


Record the condition of your fleet with routine checks, issue flagging with actionable data, to ensure you are always operating within the required safety and compliance guidelines.


Vehicle Checklist

Digitally record the condition of your fleet – daily/weekly/monthly checks, tyres, oil leaks etc – instant issue flagging with live actionable data available. Service & license expiry pre alerts – to ensure you always operate within the safety and compliance guidelines.