COVID Checklist

Mobile app based data capturing tool which allows you to monitor the health of your staff to ensure a safe working environment in line with the Department of Labour Management Act (57/2002): Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplace Covid-19 (C19 OHS), 2020.


Fully digitised

Digitise paper-based Covid-19 screening documents - Employee, Visitor, Hotel Guest, Contractor etc.

Daily records

Daily screening associated with each staff member to ensure compliance.

Instant record

Instant record of compliance or lack thereof for the whole business irrespective of staff numbers and locations.

Temperature recording

Digital record of temperatures for all staff, with management notified if a person records a temperature out of the acceptable range.

Speedy reporting

Instantly provide management and/or authorities with details of compliance for all staff from multiple locations/branches. No more scanning and emailing multiple forms to prove compliance.

Multiple Covid-19 screening uses

The mobile app can be used to screen employees, visitors, contractors, hotel guests etc. Easily edit the default questionnaire or create a new one to suit your company's needs.

How It Works