SOLAR Checklist

Mobile app-based Solar installation checklist that ensures smooth , safe solar installations for a cost-effective transition to renewable energy.



A checklist ensures that every step of the installation process is properly planned and executed, maximizing the efficiency of the system.


It helps identify potential hazards and ensures that safety measures are implemented to protect both the installers and the property.


A checklist ensures that all relevant permits, regulations, and codes are followed, preventing legal and regulatory issues.

Cost Saving:

By systematically reviewing the checklist, errors and rework can be minimized, resulting in cost savings for the installation.

Time Management:

It helps organize tasks, coordinate resources, and streamline the installation process, saving time and improving project management.

Customer Satisfaction:

By following a checklist, installers can ensure that the system meets or exceeds customer expectations, leading to increased satisfaction and positive referrals.

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