& Attendance

Time & Attendance

The Greenest Office provides real-time information with in-depth monitoring and reporting on the workforce timekeeping with supporting dashboards for quick oversight. Management has real-time view of where all members of their workforce are if clocked in or absent.

What Makes Us Different

Economical to
setup and run.
All clocking
events/timesheets instantly visible.
of setup.
Customised integration
with 3rd party payroll software.
Cost efficient setup – make use of your existing hardware.


Live real time clocking

Clocked events and status instantly visible via smart device or computer.

Geotagged clocking events

All clock in/out events are location tagged to ensure staff are always working at the correct location.

App takes users photo

- No buddy clocking.
- Ensure staff are dressed (in uniform) and ready for work.

Staff can clock in anywhere on any device

Once activated in the system staff can clock in/out on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Eliminates human error and buddy clocking

Reduces time card error and buddy clocking by employees. Clock in with unique pin code and a picture is taken.

Ease of Clocking

Enter user pin code - no fingerprints required - Employees’ photo taken, electronic timesheet started and clocked event is geotagged.

Employee clocked IN or OUT

Management has a live view of when and where an employee has clocked in and out, irrespective of location - locally, nationally or internationally.

Electronic timesheets

Ease of recording, reporting and payroll integration

Integrate with all Payroll software

Customised integration to your payroll software to meet your unique business requirements.

Overtime - live tracking

Overtime tracked daily as the month progresses - ensure no Overtime surprises come month-end.

Online leave management tools

Record & track staff leave, online approval follow workflow.

Full Roster scheduling

Unlimited shift scheduling customised by company, department or individual staff work hours .

Set minimum staff levels

Per department to ensure no staff shortages.

Comprehensive reporting

Real-time and easy reporting. See late comers, early leavers and no-shows irrespective of the number of employees or locations. Reporting can be exported and used for HR processes.

Task feature

Set tasks by department or staff member to track time spent doing specific tasks.

Job Costing

Record total hours worked at specific sites to speed the labour cost process. Especially useful in the Construction Industry.