Clocker App

Clocker is an application that allows your employees to clock in and out with the click of a button (a picture is taken) and allows management to gave a real time view of who is currently clocked in at work.

All you need to do is install the application on your tablet, add your employees via our easy-to-use web.

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Ease of clocking

Enter user pin code - no fingerprints required - Employees photo taken, electronic timesheet started and clock in/out event is geotagged.

Employee clocked IN or OUT

Management has a live view of when and where your employee has clocked in and out.

Eliminates human error and buddy clocking

Reduces time card error as well as buddy clocking by employees. Clock in with unique pin code and a picture is taken.

Comprehensive reporting

Management has access to real-time reporting. Detailed report of employee’s clock in/out times and tracking. Reporting can be exported and used for HR processes.

Androing and Apple devices supported

With an active account employees can clock in immediately by logging in. Download from the relevant app store to begin.

Clocker App

An app for recording clocking events.