Tracker (powered by the greenest office) is an application that allows your employees to clock in and out via their mobile (or tablet with 3g/4g connection) and gives management a real time view of where all members of their workforce are (if clocked in).

All you need to do is install the application on your mobile (or 3g/4g tablet), add your employees via our web application, set permissions and your company is setup for staff time and location tracking.

Tracker Tracker1

Highlights include:
– Minutes to setup
– Simple user interface means little or no training required
– Ensure contractors & employees are actually at work. Tracker provides management with a real time view of who is currently clocked in/out and where they are
– You can track the device if it is lost/stolen
– Reduces time card errors & manipulation
– Promotes a safe workforce. If your staff encounter any difficulties (e.g. a breakdown), you can take the appropriate action with the knowledge of where they are
– Built in reports suite & Audit trail (will help with any disputes that may arise)

Please note, to use this application you must have a subscription setup with the greenest office.