Timesheet Management

Managing employee time and attendance effectively, although crucial to the success of any business, can be very tedious and time consuming.

the greenest office aims to make the timesheet management process as painless as possible by providing users and management with an easy-to-use interactive timesheet tool.

Use the timesheet tool to manage, administer, pay and report on timesheets (and projects) quicker and more efficiently. This ensures employees are paid the correct amount on time and helps projects adhere to budget.

Benefits to employees of using our timesheet management system:

  • Allows users to login from anywhere with an internet connection (including smart phones)
  • Save time and reduce errors with the easy-to-use interactive calendar
  • Attach digital receipts to each claim (helps with auditing)
  • Get paid quicker and more accurately
  • Notified via email of all approvals/rejections/payments

Benefits to management of using our timesheet management system:

  • Create custom online timesheets – includes setting custom rates, setting project budgets and creating custom approval paths i.e. ensure the correct managers approve work done
  • Set a timesheet policy and ensure all users have easy access to it – ensures all users know exactly what they can and cant claim (helps with legislative compliance)
  • Live calendar view shows the user (and manager) when a timesheet claim has been submitted and all actions taken are recorded in the audit trail (helps with problem resolution)
  • Track and report on timesheet data – this will help your business prevent fraud
  • In-mail approval/rejection (no need to login to the system)
  • Achieve a Carbon Saving (less paper consumption) through the digital automation of the timesheet process

Benefits to payroll of using our timesheet management system:

  • Integrate with accounting and payroll packages – this reduces processing time considerably