Return on Investment

the greenest office can help you achieve a monetary Return on Investment (keep your shareholders happy) and also contribute positively to your Corporate Social Responsibility (keep your customers loyal).

How do we propose to do this?

Automating the request and approval processes greatly reduces a request’s life-cycle and cost

Inputting, processing, approval, reporting and payment times will all be reduced by using the greenest office – this translates into a tangible time-related cost saving for both users and your business. Please have a look at our ROI calculator.

Reducing the amount of paper used in your office will decrease costs and reduce your carbon footprint

By switching processes from paper to digital, you can achieve a tangible reduction in the amount of carbon and waste your company emits. Both government and your customers will take notice and this will definitely contribute positively towards your CSR credentials.¹

No costly Hardware or Software needed – all you need is the internet

the greenest office is hosted in the cloud and is maintained by us. You dont need to worry about server licenses, costly hardware, viruses etc. All you need is access to the internet and you can request/approve/report from anywhere.

Free software updates will be applied to your account automatically

Unlike other services where you constantly have to update and pay for new features, the greenest office automatically updates your account free of charge with our latest developments.

Reduce the cost of Fraud and Absenteeism through better control

As every process is recorded in an audit trail and can be reported on, management has a very useful tool at its disposal to monitor and reduce the cost of fraud and absenteeism.

Improved compliance with taxation keeps the taxman happy and can increase the amount of tax that your company can reclaim.

As all requests and approvals (along with relevant receipts) are stored in an audit trail, complying with local tax law is a lot simpler. Simply export your data to external accounting software or run reports in the greenest office, to see how much tax you are paying and can reclaim.


¹ The KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm produced a report on paper versus electronic invoicing with the conclusion being that it is more environmentally friendly to use electronic invoicing over traditional paper methods. This can obviously be applied to switching similar processes from paper to digital. The report is available at with the kind permission of Åsa Moberg (et al.).