Fraud Prevention

It’s a sad truth that employee dishonesty is going to cost your company money.

False expense claims, regular absence and timesheets with too many hours claimed are just a few examples of things to look out for.

One of the core aims of the greenest office is to help businesses prevent this kind of fraudulent behaviour and provide management with the tools to monitor and act on any suspicious activity.

How the greenest office can help prevent fraud:

  • When either a request or approval is made, all relevant users are notified via email (with the details supplied)
  • All stages in the Approval process are recorded in an Audit Trail¹
  • All information in the Audit Trail (absence, expenses, timesheet etc.) can be tracked and reported on – this means any disputes or irregularities can be quickly identified and remedial action taken
  • Original receipts can be attached to financial data – this provides proof of a purchase/time worked for future reference
  • High-level security features (both application and physical) ensure only users with the correct level of permission can access certain data

We really believe that the correct application of the greenest office will help prevent fraud in your business and ensure that your most important resource, your staff, are effectively managed. Any potenital litigation can either be avoided or the costs reduced significantly as all the required facts are a simple mouse click away.

¹According to wikipedia: “(An) Audit trail or audit log is a chronological sequence of audit records, each of which contains evidence directly pertaining to and resulting from the execution of a business process or system function.”