Below are some of the benefits that users and management can expect from using the greenest office:

  • All the application needs to run is an internet connection and browser – we maintain the hardware and software needed to run the application.
  • Reduce the time taken and the associated costs (human error, employee time etc.) to process requests and approvals
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper your office uses and by implementing a sustainable travel policy (and apply it to expense claims)
  • Manage staff absence more efficiently and ensure vital business units are never under-staffed by setting minimum resourcing levels
  • Reduce absenteeism due to improved user tracking (e.g. Bradford Factor)
  • Reduce expense fraud by ensuring each request goes through a set approval path. As an audit trail is kept, employees become more accountable for claims and any disputes can be quickly resolved
  • Maximise tax returns by ensuring all claims are correctly recorded
  • Real-time tracking and reporting on all processes ensures you know exactly what is happening at the click of a button – track spending (and absence) per project, department, category and user
  • Improve compliance with tax, HR & accounting legislation – users can view the set policy on each process and see exactly what they can claim (avoids misunderstandings and potentially costly litigation)


For more information, please look at: Fraud Prevention, Reduce Carbon Footprint, Return on Investment